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I wish I had discovered this years ago... Thank you AIM Coaching.

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How Mental Programming
Limits Your Success

I've read a lot of books, but this one had a huge impact on me.

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The Purpose Driven Masterclass
The Ultimate Online Training

It has trasformed my life and my business. Thank you!

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Master Your Genius

Master your Genius.
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Life changing. I learned to trust myself and tap into my inner genius.

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The Purpose Driven Masterclass
The Ultimate Online Training

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Live a Balanced Life, Earn More

“We work less and we’ve more than doubled our business”

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Save Time, Grow your Business Fast

“I worked with the top coaches in the past 25 years and nothing compares”

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Refine your Focus and Breakthrough Barriers

“Game changer... we went from 50 to 120+ million in sales volume”

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About AIM Coaching

AIM Coaching Programs is a business and life coaching company based in Vancouver, Canada. It is lead by Keith Cornies, entrepreneur, best selling author, speaker, certified executive coach, and founder. Over the past 14+ years Keith has spent 20,000+ hours coaching high performing business owners and organizations.

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