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The Company

AIM Coaching Programs is a business and life coaching company based in Vancouver, Canada. It is lead by Keith Cornies, a former award winning realtor and current owner of two Re/Max brokerages. Over the past 10 years Keith has spent 20,000+ hours coaching high performing individuals and organizations.
We are experts at individual & organizational development, leadership & business seminars, as well as hiring best practices for Realtors. All skills which we have perfected over the past 25 years. Our thousands of clients love us because of how we effective we are at transforming them into top producing agents.
At the core of our process is The Purpose Driven Realtor”. A proprietary tool which we developed to help agents & brokers run efficient offices and increase sales. We are also developers of the highly effective Focus 30-20-10™ Success Program, and The Four Quadrants™.
Most importantly, we truly love our work and feel fortunate to be able to serve so many extraordinary individuals and organizations.


Our Philosophy

AIM stands for Achieving Individual Mastery. By definition, to “AIM” is to have a purpose or intention to create a desired outcome. AIM Coaching Programs is based on this very principal, and tailored to our individual clients.
The AIM Program works on the principle that we all have the ability to succeed, and have the answers within us to achieve the success we want. The thing which people lack are the tools or experience to unlock their inner genius. AIM coaches are trained to help their clients find laser focus, and develop the skills required to unlock their full potential.
AIM Coaching is not intended to be counseling. AIM Coaching’s goal is to empower its clients to identify their aspirations and build a plan to achieve them. Whether working one-on-one or in a team setting, we provide the clarity of reflection to help our clients find and hit their targets.

About Keith Cornies

Keith is a father of 2, and a husband of 23 years. He’s been self employed since he was a teenager, was a realtor for 23 years, and an AIM Coach with 10 years & 20,000+ hours of 1-on-1 coaching experience.
He has personally experienced the incredible benefits of coaching and personal development after he almost lost his family. During a turbulent period in Keith’s life he was able to redefine his purpose & goals. What followed was a much deeper learning about himself, as well as methods for coaching others. He has since developed his own systems and tools to coach clients.
Keith loves hockey and is very competitive, but is also a protector of people on and off the ice. He is also very loyal and will do anything to help his clients tap into their inner genius.
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