Keith Cornies

When you think of a traditional ‘Life Coach’, I’m not it. Born and raised in British Columbia, I spent my early career in construction as a carpenter, I’m an avid hockey player, I coach community soccer, hockey and baseball, and have been one of the highest rated real estate professionals in BC for over 15 years. So how do I reconcile who I am with traditional ‘Life Coaching’ – I don’t!

As an Achievement Coach, I never implement my version of the world, I listen and assist you to achieve your visions and goals. My philosophy is to tap into your inner genius to define your own success and live your best life. You have the answers for your own life from your life experiences. I help you uncover the solutions that are already within you.

Zayna Kunic, MA – Leadership

My approach to achieving individual
mastery can be distilled into three
simple concepts:

Relationships matter – a lot
Your relationship with yourself
matters most
Coaching conversations enhance
your relationships

With a Masters degree in Leadership
and over 30 years experience in management, I’m inherently
pragmatic, and my approach to coaching is no different.
Coaching isn’t about fixing yourself; you are not broken.
It’s a practical, active, forward thinking, and solution-focused

It is a conversation that identifies what matters most to you,
and focuses you on developing your plan to achieve it.
I believe coaching is a choice you make when you decide
you actually matter.

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Due to overwhelming demand for Keith’s services, he is unable to take on any new Coaching clients at this time. If you would like to be placed on a waitlist, please send an email with your contact information to [email protected]

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