CEO Report - Goal Setting for 2018

This report is available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY at no charge! As part of AIM Coaching’s approach to helping creating laser focus in your business, this report provides the framework to create and implement a plan for success. Everyone who downloads this report will be invited to our upcoming webinar series. Register today to get your report and get planning!

Programs & Services Tailored to achieve your targets

AIM Coaching is an advanced coaching system that integrates the profession of coaching with a highly developed body of personal growth techniques. Refined and proven over the past 30 years, it provides a comprehensive approach that assists individuals, managers and teams to take action in alignment with their highest individual and corporate vision.

The techniques and process used in AIM Coaching Programs are designed for individuals, teams, and organizations and include:

Values & Visioning
Leadership Development
Organizational Development
Motivating Team
Hiring & Interviewing Practices
Brainstorming Innovation

The Art of Having Conversations That Matter
Team Building
Executive Coaching
Team Coaching

Peer Coaching
One On One Coaching
Personal Coaching
Relationship Coaching

Services on Offer