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The Purpose Driven Masterclass

The chances of living a successful and fulfilling life can be significantly increased with the right support and by taking action towards your goals and aspirations.

The Purpose Driven Masterclass (PDM) is an online course, with lessons taught by Keith Cornies, that support and empower you to action and create momentum towards meaningful personal and financial growth.

At its core PDM provides step-by-step guidance and a no-fluff framework that will teach you how to implement a simple process for boosting results, mastering your time, improving your motivation, and achieving work-life balance so you can accelerate growth and thrive. PDM will give you the fundamentals to successfully reach the next level in your personal human performance.

Meet Your Instructor

Keith Cornies

Keith Cornies is 30+ year entrepreneur, best selling author, speaker, certified executive coach, and founder and CEO of AIM Coaching Programs.
Keith has 24 years experience as a Realtor, and owned and operated three top-producing RE/MAX brokerages.
Keith is a highly sought-after speaker and corporate trainer. His track record of teaching entrepreneurs and business owners alike to achieve the next level of success and beyond is his gift and life’s passion.
In 12+ years of coaching, Keith has accumulated 20,000+ hours of working with industry leaders.
During this time Keith has focused on helping his clients align with their true purpose, since he believes it is the ultimate driver of sustained success.
In his experience, purpose driven people are intentional with their actions and by far the happiest and most successful. Which is why helping clients get results, and redefine success is his number one focus.
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Course Outline

The Purpose Driven Masterclass is comprised of simple, actionable strategies to help you connect to your higher purpose, improve your quality of life and refine your business processes to reach the next level.
No matter what level of experience you have, implementing the learnings and taking action will allow you to save eminence time and grow much faster in your life and career.


Master Your Genius

Meet Keith, and learn more about what your “Genius” means, how to tap into it and access it to gain confidence.


States Of Mind

Become more aware of states that determine your emotions and affect the choices you make and the indecisiveness.


North Star

Identify your core values and inspirations through self reflection and use it as a driver and backbone for your decisions.



Explore your blind spots and learn how your brain processes feelings, thoughts, and stories, so you can own your world.


Shifting Beliefs

Make a transformational shift from a survival brain to thriving by understanding your internal beliefs.


Shifting Attitudes

Develop and identify attitudes, physical and emotional triggers, and shift towards better outcomes.


Focus 30-20-10

Get laser focused and build momentum to achieve your vision with this unique philosophy for building certainty in your in your life and work.


4-Qs Of Time Management

Value your time, become accountable, simplify commitments, build certainty in your business and give your brain what it needs to be focused and prevent burnout.


Crucial Conversations

Learn how to uncover what is holding you back and realize success is just one conversion away and the one you don’t want to have.


Facts To Results

Learn the value of acceptance to help you lean in and do the hard things in life, and find the clarity to communicate one’s-self.

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"Keith’s coaching inspires you to focus your life and business to reach your purpose. The program is customized to work with your life."


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Masterclass Member Benefits

Membership Access & Updates

One year access to the AIM Mastermind membership, the Purpose Driven Masterclass and all updates to the course, including new modules.

Action Plans and Templates

Save massive amounts of time by using proven operational resources, tailored action plans, worksheets and downloadable templates.

Webinar Training Series

Get value packed information, clarity, and accountability so you can adapt and get the support you need in our live in-person webinars.

Frequently Asked Questions

The online membership to The Purpose Driven Masterclass includes one year access to the training & resources, updates to the training & resources and access to all of Keith’s live webinars.

There are a number of ways that we support our members. Masterclass instructor Keith Cornies hosts regular webinars where members can ask him any question. Keith is also active in the members on social media. You can always, use the ‘contact us’ button on the website or email us directly.

The Purpose Driven Masterclass is designed as a “sprint” to accelerate the results of your business and personal life. There are 10 modules that consist of 4-8 videos, less than 10 minutes each. This system is designed to provide consistent, focused daily and weekly actions to implement in your business, which you can do at your own pace. Members who do the course work start to see results immediately. In fact, most members see results within hours of implementing each system that is taught.

The short answer is EVERYONE. The Purpose Driven Masterclass is comprised of simple, actionable strategies to help you connect to your higher purpose, improve your quality of life and refine your business processes to reach the next level. It is meant for all levels of experience, so whether you’re just starting out or you’re further along on your journey of personal and proffessional development, by implementing the learnings in this masterclass and taking action it will help you to save time and grow much more quickly. However, if you don’t spend the time to go through the lessons, ask questions, and get feedback, then it probably isn’t for you.

Keith is an amazing teacher and coach, and will break down everything you need to be successful… step by step. So don’t be intimidated if you are not tech savvy. The course material is structured so that you can easily implement it. You will have access to downloadable PDFs and resources. Remember, if you get stuck at any time, we are here to support you.

There are no additional costs, you will have access to the program immediately, and you won’t need to pay for anything else. There are a number of free resources found in the members area that you can download, which will help you to implement, and improve your results. If you are interested in renewing your membership after one year, you will be grandfathered into the current annual subscription price.

We offer a zero risk, 14-day money back guarantee. If this course doesn’t deliver the value you expected, let us know and we’ll issue a full refund. Rest assured that we are here to support you. We also know that you work hard for your money and expect results… You should expect the training support, motivation, and tools to keep you accountable to reach your life & business goals.

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