Testimonials – AIM Coaching


“Our visioning work with Keith and Zayna was as an important part of our maturation as a company. Having done the work we now know who we are and why that’s important. Today are actively making our plans and decisions to align with who we are and what we do as a company. We have also experienced a trickle down benefit from our staff who are making better decisions for our business because they are clear on our mission, vision, and values as an organization. My suggestion would be to call them and implement the AIM Coaching Visioning process today at your business.”

“Coaching helped me to prioritize, set, and achieve goals. At the end of our three month contract I am self motivated, focused and on track with a process that works in all areas of my professional life. My professional sky suddenly has no limits!”

“Sessions with Keith are extremely exciting and helpful. The process is helping me draw from within, tapping into ideas and answers I sometimes already have but have not articulated the plan or vision yet. Keith does not push or plant ideas, he asks what my questions are, my desires, plans or visions for my future, and helps me to put actions into place.”

“I had no idea coaching would make such a difference in my life in such a short time. My advice is stop procrastinating and give Zayna a call.”

“I now have a completely different idea about what a coach does and the benefits of coaching. I used to think that coaching was fluffy, it isn’t, this is practical.”

“Zayna and Keith make a great team, it is clear that they love what they are doing and want to share their knowledge and experience as professional coaches. As they promised, the evening was relaxed and fun and we all walked away with a new tool and a personalized solution focused goal with a plan.”